Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I'm sure you've seen my videos & youtube clips with these amazing inflatable animals from Merek. I have lots of them, & if you buy one of them I will do a custom video with it for you. Then I will send you the same one that I used in the video, & sign it for you if you want.

You have to buy the animal if you want the custom video, but it will be worth it ;)

The Wolf and the 15' Tiger already have new homes, but you can still buy these:

6' Fox
Real Animal Standing Tiger
9' Tiger
9' Lioness
6' Kangaroo
7' Dragon
7' Standing Leopard
7' Standing Tiger
7' Shark

Go here to see them all~ http://exphil.com/Animals.html

If you want to purchase one, then email Merek here~ Beeniner@aol.com

After you buy the animal that you want me to use, the email me at galasxxx@yahoo.com to discuss the custom video details :)

Monday, July 26, 2010


Hello people who read my blog~

I haven't been keeping up with it, so I'm starting over. If there is something you want me to blog about, then comment or send me an email at galasxxx@yahoo.com. Maybe I'll do it. I plan on posting something tommorrow if I do not get too busy.